About Our Worcester Fat Loss Program

Individualized Weight Loss Programs

Central Mass Fat Loss was created to help individuals in New England who have struggled to lose weight obtain their desired weight lose goals. Results are driven by individualized real food plans, At Central Mass Fat Loss. We understand how frustrating it can be to diet and exercise vigorously without seeing any real and sustainable results. We understand that this may not be your fault! learn why today with a free consultation. If you’re tired of going on fad diet after diet, working with nutritionist, dietitians without seeing any real motivating results, Our licensed and Certified Dr. Dan Fanselow can help you break through that barrier and together we create a healthier lifestyle balance for you.

Our unique body mass composition analysis can allow us to:

  • Determine how your body stores certain foods and turns them into fat
  • Design a real food plan that will fit your specific needs
  • Help you reach your weight loss goals

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All programs have a Personal Weight Loss Guarantee.

Why Us?

  • We offer homeopathic and nutritional products
  • Weight management and educational programs