43-Day Fat Loss Plan in Worcester

Nutrition & Education for Effective Weight Management

Our effective 43-day program produces safe weight loss through a designated meal plan and our Central Mass Fat Loss formula. Each of our weight loss plans starts with a body composition analysis. The body composition technology used at Central Mass Fat Loss allows us to accurately determine your BMI, in addition to your bone weight, fat weight, and water weight. This information is then used to create your weight loss plan.

Our 43-day weight loss program:

  • Is individualized based on your unique body composition
  • Assists with safe,sustainable, measurable weight loss
  • Can help you reach your fat loss goals

Our team will be here for you from your initial consultation through the end of the normalization phase. We are dedicated to providing you with friendly and encouraging support for your entire weight loss program. Central Mass Fat Loss is focused on helping you achieve your weight loss goals. "BOOK NOW" your free no-obligation consultation or Give us a call today at (508) 733-1410 to learn more.

Why Us?

  • We offer homeopathic and nutritional products
  • Weight management and educational programs