Meet Director Brian Roberts

Director of Central Mass Fat Loss

Brian has worked with thousands of clients and several doctors over the past five years, We have client’s from all 5 New England states. A certified health coach with numerous certifications from several of the most recognized health institutions.

Our success to your weight loss journey and having an everlasting lifestyle effect is our focused goal. Your daily success are guaranteed, we will be supported with a doctor certified in first line therapy “the nutritional and lifestyle approach to treating “Cardio-Metabolic disorders”

We will get your metabolism re-engaged! Our program works with your current lifestyle! We will introduce you to a healthy meal plan which will allow your body to metabolize more efficiently, boost your immune system and process foods more beneficially. Our programs will create more energy to your body, support your body from food cravings and allow your body to burn foods quickly. Our programs are all personalize and we work with our clients daily via text, e-mail or telephone, you will not be alone on this journey.

Why Us?

  • We offer homeopathic and nutritional products
  • Weight management and educational programs