Benefits of a Couples Fat Loss Program

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If you’re thinking about embarking on a new, healthy lifestyle with your significant other (or even a friend that’s a great accountability partner), then you’ll want to pay close attention to the information below.

Before I get into what Central Mass Fat Loss offers, I will share some overall benefits to “couples” who take on the challenge together.

You’ll have an in-house support system –

Countless studies have shown that support from others is an important part of success, which is why having a built-in support network is one of the biggest perks to losing fat as a couple. For example, when one person doesn’t feel like working out or is tempted to over-indulge, the other person can push them harder and remind each them that they’ll regret it if they give into those temptations. Going grocery shopping and going out to dinner is easier when done together to help each other make healthy choices, as you’ll be sharing the same food and saving money in the long run.

Your relationship can become a priority again –

When you and your significant are working together to accomplish something, you’re essentially bonding — maybe in a way you haven’t before. Maybe you’ve been so busy with kids, grandkids, work, life, etc. and haven’t spent a lot of time together lately. Now that you’ve made this decision for a healthier lifestyle, you’ll cook together, eat together, and work out together. It’s inevitably going to bring you closer and possibly add benefits of getting along more and being even happier together.

Someone’s Gonna Lose It First (And this is a GOOD Thing) –

Men tend to lose weight faster than women, and for the woman, seeing him lose first can be inspiration that it’s going to happen for her soon. And if it doesn’t happen, well that can motivate her to step up her game to catch up.

So to sum it up, sharing this experience together is twice as easy and less work — but twice the reward!

Our couples have not had one complaint and trust us on regular follow-ups, twice the smiles….

Our Central Mass Fat Loss Deal Saves You Money

If you haven’t heard about the Central Mass Fat Loss Couples Program yet, you are in for a treat (and this one doesn’t contain sugar). Our Couples Program saves your “ready to be healthier” household thousand of dollars versus any competitive programs. Call to factor out your household financial savings..

Luckily for you, we are offering a 10% discount right now as a way of welcoming new clients to see our convenient location in Westborough and to share the benefits of the program itself.

Get in contact with us here to set up a consultation with us.

You will be amazed at what we bring to the table!

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