Oct 4, 2017 | | Gardner, MA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

My whole life I have been overweight. Thought I was living an active lifestyle, wore clothes that fit my body. My 47th birthday changed all that for me. I was at my largest and I decided I needed to get my life under my control. After trying to diet and exercise (which I hate and was not successful at), my physician suggested that I look into weight loss surgery,. This wasn’t an option I wanted to pursue. I searched and searched for a program that didn’t including having to buy food associated with a plan. I found one !!! Finding this program has been a life changing experience, I have learned how to fuel my body and not feed my brain while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.It has been a year, have lost and kept off 70 lbs. went from size 24-26 to 14-16.Brian’s knowledge and experience has been a huge influence on me. He explains things in such a way that I could understand. When I have questions, he is always there to answer them. I have and will continue to recommend Central Mass Fat Loss .

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