Jan 19, 2019 | Hugh C. | MA
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This program simplifies nutrition and maximizes results in a non evasive method that helps you to make a better lifestyle for your long term health benefits.

Brian will tailor a plan specifically for the individual that targets fat and promotes healthy muscle retention.

I have always been a big guy. Not overly tall at 6 ft but large framed and above average amount of muscle due to my physically demanding job and my love of most things outdoors. I have always carried between 170 and 180 lbs of muscle but with that came a lot of poor choices nutritionally to maintain that amount of ” strength” or so I thought.

I routinely have run between 280 and 300 lbs for the last 20 years or so. I thought the extra weight was due to my age and busy life with little time or energy to get to the gym. It turns out I had been perpetuating an unhealthy viscous circle of eating the types of food that made me feel good or so I thought.

Brian has designed a nutritional plan that has produced amazing results. After the initial 43 day program I had lost 50lbs of which 38 lbs of it was all fat. In the next 2 weeks I have had one of my most amazing fat to muscle loss ratios ever. I have lost 13 lbs with 12 lbs of that being strictly fat. 56 days into this program I am down an amazing 63 lbs of which 50 lbs is just fat! Just incredible!

I have tried many other programs and have had varying results. I have had similar weight loss results but have always gained it back. I have also never felt as good as I feel with this program. In fact on many occasions I have felt terrible. I have felt weak, I have had a compromised immune system, and I have felt hunger pains and struggled with staying to the plans. I haven’t experienced any of those negative problems with this program.

Brian has changed my life and made it easy to understand. He continues to support my journey and has come up with goals I never thought were possible. I have no doubts I will make those goals. I feel amazing and look forward to the rest of my journey.

I have no doubts that Brian can help anybody who seeks his guidance. Go see him and get a free analysis and consultation. It is enlightening. At Central Mass Fat Loss I feel like a person and not just a number. I like to help people. I feel as though this is what drives Brian to go to the lengths of what he does. I hope people see my story and it inspires them to start their own journey to a longer healthier and happier lifestyle.

Thanks for letting me share my story. Good luck in all of your individual journeys.

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